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Marketing foundations marketing goals

Building Your Marketing Foundation: Determine Marketing Goals

In my last article, I discussed the first step in building your foundation for a successful marketing plan. Establishing the high level strategic goals for your company will help you be more intentional about the marketing tactics you choose and maximize your spend. Once your strategic goals are established, it is time to translate those strategic business goals into marketing goals. The foundation was started with your business goals and now you can start framing your marketing plan around those goals.

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Business Foundations

Building Your Marketing Foundation: Define Strategic Business Goals

The biggest hindrance I see is when they try to implement tactics without first taking steps to define higher level goals and messaging. Marketing tactics should be built off of the foundation of strategic business goals which are then used to outline marketing goals and define the audience and messaging. This article will discuss the importance of defining overall business goals before creating your marketing plan.

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2020 Reflections

4 Marketing Lessons from 2020

Rather than reflect on all of the challenges that came my way or faced my team and our clients, I took some time to reflect with you on the good that came out of such a trying year and the team members and clients that made that good possible.

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Keys to Marketing Project Success

Part Two: 8 Keys to Delivering Your Marketing Projects On Time, Every Time 

In my last article I covered Part One: 8 Keys to Delivering Your Marketing Projects On Time, Every Time. Those four keys focused on the planning portion of a project to help you set yourself and your team up for success. Now that you have defined your project, identified your stakeholders, created a timeline and launched your project with a team meeting, you are ready to put your project in motion. 

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Marketing Project Plan

Part One: 8 Keys to Delivering Your Marketing Projects On Time, Every Time

You created your marketing plan and within your plan are a number of important projects that need to get done on time in order for you to reach your goals. It’s time to execute those projects but where do you start? What steps do you need to take to make sure you are completing these important projects on time so you can receive the results you are looking for in your business?

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Marketing Analytics

How to measure the effectiveness of your marketing tactics so you can make critical decisions

You have put in the time to create a robust sales and marketing strategy and your plan is being executed. Is it effective? I know, that is NOT the question you want me to ask, but it IS the question you need me to ask. Why? Marketing is not like the Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come.”

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marketing assessment

How to Assess Your Current Marketing Plan and Make Any Needed Adjustments to Grow Your Business

The main objective in business is to grow. Acquire more customers. Be profitable. Is that happening for your business? Here we are, 6 months into the year and business is booming, right? If the answer is “no”, maybe your business plan has taken a turn and needs a reassessment.

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marathon runners

How Running a Marathon Helped Me Be a Better Marketer

For an outdoor runner such as myself, when the stay-at-home order during the COVID-19 pandemic was first announced, I went into a state of panic. Not just as a runner, but more importantly as a single mother of two and a full-time Project Manager at Pace Marketing.

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Finding Holes in Your Marketing

Our favorite, easy-to-use tool for finding gaps in your marketing resources.

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working remotely

Bonus: Tips for Working Remote

At Pace, most of the work we execute for clients is remote. Although we have the pleasure of meeting with a number of local clients in-person, we have a lot of practice serving clients all over the country. Our team has compiled our top tips for working remotely to help your teams if working remotely is new to them!

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pivot your marketing

Pivoting Your Marketing to Meet the Challenges of Today

The COVID-19 pandemic is worth taking seriously. There is nothing more important than the health of your family, coworkers and neighbors. As a marketing professional or business owner, you are in the midst of adjusting your 2020 plans and expectations despite the many unknowns being faced.

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accelerated projects

If You Want to Make Progress, Focus on Purpose

Some people believe progress comes from more resources, wiser allocation, increased efficiency, more favorable economics, or better technology. None of these are bad things, in fact, all of them are helpful at pursuing progress.

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accelerated projects

5 Ways to Complete Accelerated Marketing Projects [Faster]

It’s inevitable. You know how long you need to execute your marketing project and execute it well. Then someone comes along with a great idea that needs to happen, well, yesterday.